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Still on the fence about purchasing Strata Foto 3D? See first hand how Foto 3D can take your digital photography to the next level with our export-disabled Foto 3D tryout.

In the fourth part of the Mezco series, Lex takes the Ungowa model and packaging, and shows you how to export the object to Live 3D and add animation, interactivity and more.

Just a reminder: entries for the TikiMon Postcard Challenge are due August 27th.

Win a digital camera, Strata store gift certificates, and Mezco Toyz packages in this Strata Challenge. Use the provided "Ungowa" Strata 3D CX 5 model to build the best postcard for TikiMon island, and show off your 3D and Photoshop skills in the process.

Sakari Tiikkaja works in Haemeenlinna, Finland. He has over 10 years of experience in advertising and graphic design. After working in Helsinki based Advertising agencies, he runs his own business in Haemeenlinna doing illustration and design work for such clients as Nokia, Grand Casino Helsinki and Karisto publishers.

Using Dreamweaver and Strata Live 3D you can create photo-quality interactive 3D graphics that can be integrated into any web page. Viewers can rotate, pan, zoom and even walk through the 3D content.

With the addition of Live 3Ds powerful scripting features 3D objects can be made to be truly interactive. This content is based on a Java player so no plug-in is required to view the projects.

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