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3D Power News | June 8th, 2011
Strata's Totally Suite Deal
Save $200 on the Strata Suite, May Facebook Winners, Kip Kubisz' Exhibition and more
Image by Kip Kubisz
Strata's Totally Suite Deal

Take advantage of giant June savings on the entire Strata 3D CX Suite of software. Along with the substantial discount we already provide on the CX Suite, save an additional $200 on your June purchase when you use coupon code: SUITEDEAL.

StrataCafé Creative Inspiration - Paper Clip Man & Dog

Leif Buckley, a regular contributor to the StrataCafé, recently surprised us with a cool and creative twist on 3D modeling that would normally be found in the office cubicle. Check out his digital recreation of office doodling using paper clips - Paper Clip Man & Dog. We hope to see new additions to his paper clip modeling gallery in the future.

May Facebook Contest Winners

Strata Facebook Fans Tony Bailey, Felix Lapointe, Joe Rademan and Mike Mitchell all won 3D bundles of Design 3D SE and Foto 3D SE from the Mac App Store in the month of May. Become a fan and you might be our next winner!

StrataCafé - Kip Kubisz' Gallery Exhibition

We've highlighted Kip's 3D work in the past and are excited to see him bringing the whole thing to a Gallery Exhibition of his Engineering / Art in August. Check out Kip's 3D concept vehicles and scenes at the StrataCafé.

Request a Tutorial at Strata 3D University

Strata 3D University makes it easy to develop new Design 3D skills in an online learning environment. We encourage university members to email their ideas for new tutorials to Your requests will be distributed to our team of online contributors and you may soon see a video covering your topic. If you haven't tried Strata 3D University, it's just 99 cents for the first two weeks of training.

Strata Design 3D CX ProSkills Course - Chicago

October 5-7, 2011 Strata Professional Christian Moore is hosting another hands-on skills course for Strata Design 3D CX. Christian has been teaching Strata CX for more than 13 years and his experience and communication style makes learning easy and fun. Class size is limited to 12 students, so sign up early and start preparing to hone your 3D skills.

"This could be the Adobe-devoted designer's must-have modeler... Seamless integration with Photoshop, user interface familiar to Adobe users, robust, stable and mature."

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