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3D Power News | December 11th 2008
Say "Happy Holidays" with 15% off Everything
15% Holiday Promotion, TexturePaint upgrades, Strata Payment Plans, Legacy Upgrades, and more.
Time to Get in the Spirit of Giving - With a Holiday Greeting Card Featuring 15% Off All Strata Products
Nothing says Happy Holidays like helping someone save money.

Now you can send a free holiday greeting to your friends, co-workers, or even yourself and get 15% off anything in Strata's online store.

Don't wait, send out your seasons greeting coupons today!
Budget a bit tight but want to get our software today?
While we know that Strata products are worth every penny, sometimes the initial outlay of cash can be off-putting.

For a limited time Strata is offering a Split Payment Option on all Strata 3D software purchases.  Now you'll have the opportunity to start using your new software while keeping your budget in check by making payments.
TexturePaint: Real-Time 3D Painting in CS4
Paint on 3D surfaces in real-time? Photoshop CS4 Extended makes that possible. In fact, you can use all the Photoshop tools to create stunning texture effects. With TexturePaint, Strata has made this Adobe technology even more useful.

The Strata TexturePaint upgrades prep your Strata models for painting by modifying the geometry, texture maps, texture application and settings to best match Photoshop's requirements. In addition, TexturePaint provides a new Photoshop filter for quick transfer of your 3D painting back to your Strata projects to automatically update textures.
Receive a Free* Upgrade when you Upgrade to CS4
Strata is now an Adobe Affiliate. This means that every sale of Adobe products through us nets us a small fee. We'd like to return that fee to you in the form of a free* upgrade to one of our applications that utilizes the TexturePaint technology when you place an order to Adobe through our Affiliate link. Since you would need Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended to use the new TexturePaint feature, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved, and you can still take advantage of current Adobe webstore specials.
Featured Artist: Tom Macie, Architectural Illustrator
Tom Macie, currently living near Raleigh, NC, is a freelance 3D model artist at The preVision Company since 2004. Tom has an MFA in theatre design and production, and was on the faculty of UNC Wilmington for 18 years. In 1994 he traded watercolor perspectives and hand-drafting for rendering his designs in Strata 3D, and drafting in CAD.

"Two things are most important to me; careful examination of lighting the scene, and developing properly proportioned, non-repeating textures. If either is incorrect, viewers will recognize this. While they might not know what is technically wrong with the scene, the simple function of this recognition will serve to distract."
Now's the Time to Upgrade Your Skills
Upgrading your competitive skills is crucial in times like these and we have the perfect solution. Chris Tyler's 48 hours of instruction, found on the Art & Science of Strata 3D CX, v.2 DVDs, teach you how to get the most out of the tools you already own. This excellent instruction series shows you how to improve your modeling, texturing and rendering skills.

Better yet, you can save 20% by filling out our user survey. Follow the link below to get your coupon code for 20% off the DVD bundle, or the individual discs. Don't let this opportunity to pick up the best Strata 3D CX training pass you by.
Legacy Upgrades Temporarily Reduced
We kept extending the Legacy Upgrade offer another month, and no matter how many times we did it, we always got a rash of calls as soon as it was over asking if they could still take advantage of the offer.

For the time being, we've simply reduced the cost to upgrade from an older version of Strata 3D to Strata 3D CX 5.6 from $299 to $149. No coupon codes to remember, no deadlines to meet, just a reduced price.

Unfortunately, it's not permanent. Eventually the price of legacy upgrades will be returned to its $299 price point. So if you are looking to upgrade in the near future, we do ask that you do it sooner rather than later. We've just made it easier to take advantage of.
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Digital Arts considers Strata Design 3D[in] a Best Buy »

"Design[in]'s subtools offer impressive roundtrip capability: you can send a 3D model from Photoshop to Design 3D[in], add textures and send the model back. This integration sets Strata's tools above the rest of the applications on test."
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