Strata 3D Software - Year End Savings and Tax Breaks Strata 3D Software - Year End Savings and Tax Breaks
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3D Power News | December 6th, 2011
Year End Savings and Tax Breaks
Year End Sale, Free Tutorial, New Webinar, Design 3D CX 7.0.2 Update and More
Coffee Press
Image by Chris Tyler
Year End Savings
Year End Sale at Strata and the Mac App Store

Take advantage of big savings and valuable add-ons. Use Coupon Code: CHEER to save 20% off any purchase. If your order includes Design 3D CX7, you will also receive a free copy of Foto 3D SE, plus Chris Tyler's Art and Science of Design 3D CX 7 (more than $100 in add-ons). Over at the Mac App Store, Design 3D CXi, Design 3D SE, and Foto 3D SE are all on sale for at least 20% off.
Grab a Big Tax Break Before Year-End!

If you use design software to produce income, your Strata software purchase may be 100% deductible against your 2011 business income. Ask your tax professional about Section 179 of the IRS tax code to see if you qualify. We're not tax advisors and certain conditions and restrictions apply.

Chris Tylers Barstool Tutorial
Free-for-a-Week Tutorial

Chris Tyler unlocks this month's free-for-a-week tutorial, showing how to model and UV map a very nice modern barstool in Design 3D CX 7. It's only free until December 14th, so watch the tutorial and you will quickly see why the Strata 3D University is a powerful and valuable learning resource for any Design 3D user.

Suite Webinar
Strata 3D CX Suite Webinar

Strata's Lex de Azevedo II will be presenting the Strata 3D CX Suite as part of NOVEDGE's Best of the Best webinar series on January 4th, 2011. Sign up for this free webinar and learn how to Capture, Create, Design and Deliver with the Strata 3D CX Suite. There will be a giveaway and discounts for those who attend.

Design 3D CX 7.0.2 Update
Design 3D CX 7.0.2 Update for Mac

Strata has released an update for Design 3D CX 7 for Mac. The 7.0.2 update includes several bug fixes and adds an AZERTY keyboard shortcuts default option. If you're working with Design 3D CX 7 for the Mac, follow the link below to get the update.

iSwifter - An iPad Solution for Strata 3D University

We've recently had quite a few Strata 3D University subscribers asking about viewing the University's Flash-based tutorials on an iPad. We're happy to endorse a $4.99 iPad app called iSwifter, which uses cloud-based technology to convert the videos on the fly and create a good viewing experience for our subscribers on the iPad. Download the Free App and then perform the in-App upgrade for the fully functional version.

"This could be the Adobe-devoted designer's must-have modeler... Seamless integration with Photoshop, user interface familiar to Adobe users, robust, stable and mature."

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