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Rendering can be the most time consuming part of 3D. Over the years, Strata has made rendering in Strata 3D faster and faster. Add to this the fact that we've all upgraded our computers to ever faster processors - but it's just not enough. Start a series of 300 dpi Raydiosity renders and it's coffee break time.

If you have access to one or more computers on your network, then Strata RenderPro is the solution for you.

Strata RenderPro is an application that allows you to render your Strata 3D CX files on Macs and PCs connected to your Local Area Network (LAN).

Whether your have two or two hundred computers on your network, you're covered with an unlimited license.

Also included is a "Drop" program that allows you to manage renderings from a host computer. The Drop program is Open Source so anyone who wants to tinker with it can customize it or even make it better for everyone.

Read the press release here.

More about RenderPro.

Get RenderPro

For a limited time, current owners of Strata 3D CX can purchase the RenderPro download for just $59.

Users who purchase any new unit or upgrade to Strata 3D CX will receive a free copy of RenderPro – a savings of $139.

The Strata Shop.
Here's your chance to learn Strata from the legendary Chris Tyler! WestRim Digital Arts will be holding the Strata 3D CX Mastery Course in San Francisco, during 8, 9 and 10 December. This is a hands-on class, using CX version 4.1.

World-famous 3D guru Chris Tyler teaches his secrets on modeling, texturing, rendering and lighting, explains the new capabilities of Strata 3D CX, and introduces animation and some upper-level techniques. The Mastery Course brings beginning to intermediate users up to production-level skills. Space is limited, so sign up early!

Class information here.

Simply Strata

SimplyStrata recently interviewed Jonathan Boakes, the creator of Dark Fall: Lights Out. Jonathan gives us the inside scoop on creating the game.

Read the interview here.

The winners have been announced for StrataCafe's latest Challenge "The Room".

Congratulations to John Hunter Barrie, Dale Schulz, and Howard Prince.

View the results here.

Featured Artist
John Jones is a London based artist, 3d visualizer, and animator. He's produced professional imagery with Strata for the last 10 years.

"The deadlines I work to are for very demanding clients, are not for the faint of heart. Strata gets me there, looking good, every time. The speed and quality of Strata's render engine has increased by leaps and bounds and it has empowered my output enormously over the years."

"My clients appreciate Strata's stunning photorealistic quality that helps render their dreams to reality. It's like having a photograph of something before it has been built."

View website.

View Cafe profile.

Featured Resource

John Jones provides a nice lighting addition for your 3D mansions and grand ballrooms.

Don't let the small file size fool you. The chandelier is modeled very efficiently and contains about two dozen point lights.

Download - 51 K.
Note: For CX 4.1 Only

If the chandelier is too fancy for your tastes, you can find over 1000 textures and shapes available at the StrataCafe.

Click here for more.


MacAddict gives Strata 3D CX a "Great" rating in the December issue. Watch for the upcoming review.

View the PDF - 624 K.

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