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Environmental design encompasses a whole host of areas from exhibits to store interiors to television news sets - and more. This fascinating design discipline helps to shape what we see, where we go and what we buy.

To see some of the very best work in the industry visit the Environmental Design gallery at the Strata web site. It just might inspire you to help shape our world.

View the gallery here.

You've seen his work on the StrataCafe, and wondered how he renders such beautiful images. Quit wondering, and start learning! Chris Tyler will be in San Francisco November 19-21, teaching the Strata 3D ProSkills Course, brought to you by WestRim Digital Arts.

This is a professional, hands-on class using Strata 3Dpro 3.9. You'll receive focused instruction in a small-class setting with lots of individual attention from a true legend in the Strata community.

Don't wait. Space is limited and registration has begun!

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In Medieval times, three or four generations would come and go between the groundbreaking ceremony and the final dedication of a cathedral.

Fortunately, Dan Gonzalez knows how to make Strata 3D do the heavy lifting. Read some of Dan's secrets in this StrataUser article.

Download the PDF.

Visit Dan's website.

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StrataUser Resource Library:
Get the complete set of 10 lush full color print volumes, 60 pages each! Packed with tutorials, articles and hundreds of breathtaking images. Find the special offer at the bottom of the Holy Modeling pdf!

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Entries for the "A Name You Can Trust" contest have been posted.

Take a look and see who would get your nod for the identity animation you most identify with.

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Adalberto works as a Design Director for a TV set design company. When you visit his StrataCafe profile you'll probably recognize some of the client names and possibly even some of the sets.

As an environmental designer Adalberto takes advantage of Strata 3D's ability to create photo-realistic renderings for pre-visualization and client presentation. Tune in to Adalberto's StrataCafe profile.

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This StrataCafe model category contains 17 models of 2D "cardboard cut-out" people for use in architectural and environmental design projects.

The photos, taken at the 2003 Red Rock Revival, provide some ready to use people and some whimsical shots - but all demonstrate the technique used by pros worldwide to insert realistic looking people into synthetic environments.

Get the models here.

If you're not a "people person" then check out more than 1,000 models and textures available at the StrataCafe.

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