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We don't want to scare you into upgrading to Strata 3Dpro 3.9, but when you see what people have been creating with this powerhouse you'll run screaming - straight to the Strata online store that is!

Click the renderings below for some great Halloween imagery:

You've seen his work on the StrataCafe, and wondered how he renders such beautiful images. Quit wondering, and start learning! Chris Tyler will be in San Francisco November 19-21, teaching the Strata 3D ProSkills Course, brought to you by WestRim Digital Arts.

This is a professional, hands-on class using Strata 3Dpro 3.9. You'll receive focused instruction in a small-class setting with lots of individual attention from a true legend in the Strata community.

Don't wait. Space is limited and registration has begun!

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Derek Logfreen of has created a timely tutorial to get started on your Halloween decorations.

You'll find some great techniques for using the skin object, deformation lattices, and antimatter.

As always, be sure to save a backup... just in case the neighborhood kids get to it.

See the tutorial here.

There's a new Challenge on the StrataCafe: "A Name You Can Trust".

"This challenge is to create an identification animation. Examples would be the 20th Century Fox searchlight animation, the MGM lion, the Mandalay Tiger, etc. Rent any movie, and it's sure to have 2-3 of them at the beginning."

Click here for more.

As a medical illustrator, Mike has been doing naturally scary images for years. His portrayals of the human body (and various "deviations" from there) might make the weak hearted feel a little faint.

Mike upgraded to 3.9 to make sure he had a jump on using the latest in Strata technology. Check out Mike's StrataCafe profile - just make sure you have some lights on when you go.

View StrataCafe Profile.

When its time to "weed and feed" make sure to watch your fingers with this one. Michael Dickescheild created the Maneater Plant for a project on StrataCafe. You can use it for your own nefarious plans.

Grows best in 3.9 with plenty of moonlight - but you can put it in a pot as old as 3.0.

Get the model here.

If you have "agri-phobia" then check out more than 1,000 models and textures available at the StrataCafe.

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