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Strata 3D has a long history with adventure games, including being the tool used to create the all-time best selling game MYST. Dark Fall II: Lights Out takes this scary history to a dark, new realm of photo-realism.

The game offers more than 50 realistic pre-rendered locations to explore in an unnerving ghost story weaved with multiple subplots. Players will encounter a virtual cast of characters and observe and interact with spectral beings in this adventure thriller.

According to Jonathan Boakes, the creative genius behind the game, Strata 3D was a critical part of the development process. "Strata 3D continues to be a key part of my toolset. The software has allowed me to work from my studio here in Scotland to bring my vision to life and to reach a worldwide audience."

Visit the official site here.

Get Dark Fall II here.

Read the press release here.

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If you're a CX user, be sure to get the latest update which includes several new enhancements.

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Here's your chance to master the capabilities of the new Strata 3D CX version 4.1! WestRim Digital Arts will be holding two back-to-back classes in Chicago, during the week of 18-22 October.

On Oct. 18-20, Christian Moore will bring beginning-to-intermediate users up to production level skills. The Mastery Course teaches the essentials of modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, explains the new capabilities of Strata 3D CX, and will introduce animation and upper-level techniques.

On Oct. 21-22, Chris Tyler, will share his 3D modeling and rendering secrets. Chris is world-famous for his fantastic lighting and ultra-realistic images. The Advanced Course focuses on using the new SDS modeler for complex and organic shapes, and advanced lighting and rendering techniques.

Also, attend either class and qualify for a FREE upgrade* to Strata 3D CX!
(*if upgrading from Strata 3Dpro, or StudioPro 2.0 or later)

CX Mastery Course Info

Advanced Course Info

The results are in for StrataCafe's latest challenge "Drivers, start your blenders".

Congratulations to John Barrie, Howard Prince, and Dale Schulz.

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Featured Artist
Jonathan is a self employed online content designer and adventure games creator. Here's what he had to say about using Strata on his latest project...

"Producing thousands of art images for a commercial adventure title is a daunting task, which is why I opted to continue my relationship with Strata 3D software.

Utilizing Raydiosity, Jiggle and Deform functions, I was able to present a fully realized world for adventure gamers to explore, examine and believe in. Fast render times enabled the game to materialize faster than ever. I look forward to creating my next spooky adventure world with similar ease."

View website here.

View Cafe profile here.

Featured Resource
Our featured resource is straight from the Dark Fall art department.

This is a 'nest of drawers' used in one of the many rooms built for Dark Fall II.

Download here - 2.2 MB.
Note: For CX 4.1 Only

If you're looking for something more modern (and less creepy), furnish your scene with over 1000 textures and shapes available at the StrataCafe.

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Featured Tutorial
In the spirit of Halloween, SimplyStrata has put together a tutorial for building a 'Scooby Doo' style ghost using the SDS Modeler in Strata 3D CX.

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