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This is the release you've been waiting for. Strata 3Dpro 3.9 is the most polished and powerful version yet. But the enhanced features, speed and stability are just the tip of the iceberg for this version.

With your upgrade or new unit purchase you also get all four of the StrataUser texture libraries, multiple PDF tutorials from Simply Strata, StrataUser and Westrim Digital Arts - and you get the Westrim DVD featuring Chris Tyler and Duncan MacGruer recorded live from the Red Rock Strata User Conference.

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On October 21-22, Dave Winslow brings the Strata 3D DesignMaster Course to Northwest Arkansas, home to the Wal-Mart merchandizing center. This course places particular emphasis on the areas of custom displays, product visualization, and package design.

This is a professional, hands-on class using Strata 3Dpro 3.9. You'll receive focused instruction in a small-class setting with lots of individual attention from an outstanding instructor. Computers are provided for each student.

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Included in The Brains & Brawn set is the Westrim "Strata 3Dpro Training Series Vol. 2" DVD. Not only does it contain two of the top class sessions from this year's Red Rock Seminar, but course materials as well.

We grabbed a chapter from Chris Tyler's "Rendering Reality" course to show his technique for realistic renderings. The entire PDF is available on the DVD.

Download PDF here. (Note: 4.3MB)

Download the ring model here.

One of the big benefits of getting the three disc set is that you get THE ENTIRE STRATAUSER texture and shape library for free! In the past this full set has been available at for a total of just over $350.

The library includes the Kitchen Sink, ArtGrunt Shapes, ArtGrunt Textures, Exotic Woods, REALuster and Rosie's Rivet Shop. To see a sample of what you'll be getting go to StrataUser, or check out the Kitchen Sink PDF. More is always better!


Download PDF here. (Note: 12MB!)
There's a buzz on the StrataCafe forums about v3.9. The pros and beta testers are detailing what's new, providing expert tips and answering questions so you can get the most out of this release.

Read for yourself from the eight page (and growing) discussion about 3.9, ask a question or two and find out how you can get more rendering bang for your CPU buck.

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Howard is one of our esteemed beta testers and has been pushing version 3.9 to the very limits to ensure that it will perform for you too.

Check out some of Howard's 3.9 images posted to his StrataCafe gallery and see the extremes to which he'll go to.

View StrataCafe Profile.

Modeled in Strata 3Dpro 3.9 using bezier splines and Boolean subtraction, this hardhat might be just the protection you need to walk through your next project.

Get the model here.

If yellow isn't your color then check out more than 1,000 models and textures available at the StrataCafe.

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MacNN, using their crack team of reporters, uncovered the truth: Strata 3Dpro "has great rendering algorithms which are capable of amazing images." But there's more:

StrataCafe has "the friendliest forum members around... provides you with tips and tricks to master the Raydiosity, Raytracing..." and more.

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