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3D Power News | September 23rd, 2011
5 Great Reasons to Own Design 3D CX 7
Take advantage of great launch deals on Strata Design 3D CX 7
Everyone Saves on Purchase of Version 7 or the Suite Through October 7

Our special launch pricing offers deep discounts for anyone interested in Design 3D CX full and upgrade versions. PC owners who purchase Design 3D CX 6 now get a free upgrade to CX 7.

Bring Your 3D Animations and Real-World Video Together with Match Motion

Match Motion works with Pixel Farm's affordable PFhoe software to integrate your Design 3D CX animations with real video footage. Beta tester Xavier Mestres posted these early tests of PFhoe and CX7 in action on StrataCafe:

Did we mention that it's a LOT of fun to combine your CG creations with the real world? Check out the submissions to AE Tuts "PFhoe-ly Cow Contest" earlier this year!

Native UV Map Editing Environment

Texturing your 3D models in Design 3D CX 7 is easier, faster and powerfully accurate with the new UV Map editing environment.

UV texture mapping allows you to accurately place and edit a 2D image texture onto a flattened representation of your 3D model. This valuable new addition to Design 3D CX vastly improves one of the most critical and common tasks in 3D design.

New Modeling Grid Templates

Think of modeling grid templates as tracing paper for 3D modeling.

Reference images, with full control over display opacity, can now be applied to X, Y, and Z Grids to assist users in quickly modeling and placing their 3D objects at the proper proportions and locations.

What's Important to YOU?

Sure, we can pick one more great feature that will save you time, or allow you to do something you never could before. But who are we to decide what's important for your next design project?

Design 3D CX 7 enhances your design process and makes your life easier. Check out the CX 7 New Features page to see what gets YOU excited.

PC Owners - Buy CX 6 Today at a Discount and Get a Free Upgrade to CX 7

Trust us. We haven't forgotten about you and CX 7 for Windows is on the horizon.

If you don't already own Design 3D CX 6, now's a great time to buy at a discount. We'll include a free upgrade to CX 7 for Windows when it's released in the months ahead. You'll be the first to be notified when the free update to CX 7 is ready to download.

Strata 3D University - New CX 7 Tutorials

Head over to Strata 3D University after your purchase and get up to speed with new video tutorials on v7-specific features.

If you're not already a subscriber, it's just 99 cents for your first two weeks of training. No obligations, no commitments - and you can cancel anytime.

"This could be the Adobe-devoted designer's must-have modeler... Seamless integration with Photoshop, user interface familiar to Adobe users, robust, stable and mature."

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