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Strata 3D CX is now appearing in magazines near you. Watch for articles and reviews in FPS Magazine, Post Magazine, MacWorld UK (4 Stars), and Digit Magazine UK.

You'll find the trial version of CX on CDs accompanying MacAddict and Digit (UK) Magazines. Leif Buckley has an article in MacDesignPro. Click here.

A few online reviews:
"...the most usable and versatile 3D solution on the market ..." (4 Stars)

"...the most remarkable 3D rendering software..." (5 Stars)

If you haven't gotten CX yet - what are you waiting for? A free shirt? Ok then...

Upgrade now and get a limited edition CX T-Shirt. Call 1-800-678-7282 to get your CX upgrade or click the Shop link below.

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CX Update Available

In case you missed it in the last Bulletin, there is a 4.1 update for CX which includes optimizations, new features, and enhancements to the SDS Modeler.

Windows users: note the update specifically optimized for the Pentium 4.

Click here to get the update.
Here's your chance to master the capabilities of the new Strata 3D CX version 4.1! WestRim Digital Arts will be holding two back-to-back classes in Chicago, during the week of 18-22 October.

On Oct. 18-20, Christian Moore will bring beginning-to-intermediate users up to production level skills. The Mastery Course teaches the essentials of modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, explains the new capabilities of Strata 3D CX, and will introduce animation and upper-level techniques.

On Oct. 21-22, Chris Tyler, will share his 3D modeling and rendering secrets. Chris is world-famous for his fantastic lighting and ultra-realistic images. The Advanced Course focuses on using the new SDS modeler for complex and organic shapes, and advanced lighting and rendering techniques.

Also, attend either class and qualify for a FREE upgrade* to Strata 3D CX!
(*if upgrading from Strata 3Dpro, or StudioPro 2.0 or later)

CX Mastery Course Info

Advanced Course Info

Featured Tutorial
This tutorial comes from John Barrie, our featured artist. It's a great project for beginning to intermediate CX users.

John takes you from start-to-finish modeling an iPod and setting up a final scene for rendering. This tutorial includes 2D Illustrator profiles which are used to create a very realistic 3D model.

Download here - 1.9MB.

StrataCafe's latest challenge is in progress. With a name like "Drivers, start your blenders" you know there will be some interesting entries.

The deadline is Sunday, September 26th so get your entries submitted soon. If you're not entering, be sure to vote for your favorites.

Click here for more.

Featured Artist
Artist or Serial (number) Killer? Don't let the picture fool you. John is actually a very nice guy. He works for a national newspaper in Scotland, but uses 3D as a personal creative outlet.

"The fact that I do almost all of my 3D modeling purely for fun actually allows me to experiment more as I don't have deadlines to meet, but it is possible to do great things really quickly in Strata.

Strata is the kind of application where I feel at home. The interface was easy to learn and I can quickly and easily import vector outline files from my all time favorite drawing program, Adobe Illustrator, to aid the creation of more complex shapes."

John started using Strata Base in 2001 and is now taking his illustrations further with CX.

"I honestly believe that I have only scraped the surface of the program's capabilities. I now have the tools to create bigger, better and more complex images as I learn even more about Strata 3D CX (now that I actually have a printed manual that is)."

View John's website here.

View John's profile here.

Featured Resource

You could say this resource shows that CX is the key to 3D.

Lex from Strata built this shape using the new SDS tools in the latest CX update. The model includes the SDS cage.

Download here - 236K.
Note: For CX 4.1 Only

You can unlock a wealth of 3D resources with over 1000 textures and shapes available at the StrataCafe.

Click here for more.

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