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Strata will be in Las Vegas on September 6th and 7th for PhotoshopWorld. At booth #205, Dave Cross, Colin Smith and the Strata staff will be demonstrating our new 3D[in] Photoshop CS3 Extended plug-ins.

Come visit us for show specials and giveaways, or just come by to say hi.

Next up in the Summer Seminar series are the September 4th and 11th classes on using the 3D[in] plug-ins. If you haven't seen a thorough demonstration of the 3D[in] plug-ins in action, then you don't know what you're missing.

View the Summer Seminar page to sign up for email reminders of future seminars and to view a recording of the last 3D[in] seminar, to get a taste of what the full experience is like.

Jason Nobriga is a digital artist using Strata 3D CX to design mobile games since 1994. His most recent work is starting to show up in the form of iPod games, such as Blastdown from Jamdat and Tetris from EA Mobile.

With the release of the new 3D[in] Photoshop CS3 Extended plug-ins, we've opened a new site to host tutorials and other videos by Colin Smith (, Dave Cross ( and of course, our in-house talent.

A handful of great new tutorials are online right now to help you get the most out of your 3D[in] purchase. Start pushing the envelope.

Everything old is new again with the release of Strata's 3D[in] plug-ins. Use this globe model from Enrico Pandiani to add class to interior photos.

When you're done, visit the StrataCafe resources for thousands of models and textures to add to your digital photos.

Take part in our simple user survey for a 35% discount on Chris Tyler's new "Art & Science of Strata 3D CX", with 125 more pages on modeling, rendering and texturing in Strata 3D.

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"Whether you're a seasoned 3D modeller, or a dedicated Photoshop user who only wants to import and render models found in the Google 3D Warehouse, Strata 3D[in] will revolutionise the way you work."

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