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Many of you may be familiar with Matthieu Roussel's beautiful illustration work. Matt has now applied his considerable talents to illustrating a new children's book - Angelman.

Angelman is the clever story of a retired superhero who longs to take to the skies again - and the young boy who discovers and inspires him. Like Mr. Angel, Matt also found his wings, but in the form of 3D graphics software from Strata.

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Learn from a true 3D Master! On September 3rd, 4th and 5th Chris Tyler will be teaching the Strata 3D ProSkills Course in Los Angeles, presented by WestRim Digital Arts. Chris is one of the star instructors of the Red Rock Revival, and is known worldwide for his mastery of Strata's renderers and his amazingly photorealistic images.

During this 3-day hands-on course, you'll receive expert instruction and lots of individual attention as Chris teaches the essentials of modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, and FX, and then follows up with upper-level techniques. Now's your chance to learn how to achieve the world-class results that Chris and Strata are famous for!

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Check out these high quality reflected environments. Made from seamless 360 degree panorama images, the REALuster collection makes the difference between no-where and know-how.

Get instant polish at an affordable price. Check out the library as well as free stuff at:

Derek Lofgreen and have created a tutorial that shows how to use deformation lattices to make just about anything swim - in this case a fish!

If you've never used deformation lattices before you'll be amazed at how simple it is to bend your models to your every desire.

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See the new additions to the Artistic Illustration Gallery. You'll find some favorites from years past and some new additions. You can also find other galleries like Architecture, Commercial Illustration, Technical Illustration and Environmental Design. See how users from around the world create art while doing what they love for their "work".

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The winners of the "Judge a book by its cover contest" have been announced and Dale "Dasch" Schulz came out on top with his "Three Little Pigs" cover. Have a look for yourself and see if you agree with the judges' choices. If you don't you can always huff and puff and... ah, never mind, that never works. (I wonder if Dasch went "wee, wee, wee!" all the way home?)

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Deric works as a design studio manager in Singapore - but don't let that word "work" fool you, Deric is a kid at heart. Just check out his portfolio on StrataCafe and you'll see the sheer joy of creating come through in his images.

From paper cut-out figures to four little piggies (one better than Dasch!), Deric shows not only his child-like creativity but also his mastery of Strata 3D.

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This highly detailed Lego race car will have you going back in time when working in 3D meant snapping precision plastic blocks into toys of your own creation. Marc de Jong supplies this model for those in need of a quick spin around the old imagination.

Get the model here.

If you're too grown up to play with Legos then check out more than 1,000 models and textures available at the StrataCafe:

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