Strata has done it again with another technology first. Get the "Realtime Lighting Tool" FREE with any Strata 3D CX upgrade. It will instantly illuminate your personal 3D world and will quickly interface with any keychain.

Now, without the marketing spin...

Get the customized Strata 3D CX carabiner flashlight keychain FREE with every CX upgrade. Supplies are limited.

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Want to produce world-class 3D? Register for the Strata 3D Advanced Course, conducted by WestRim Digital Arts in Salt Lake City Sep 29th - Oct 1st, and taught by the legendary Chris Tyler!

Chris will show you how to master the powerful new tools for modeling, lighting and rendering in Strata 3D CX. This is a rare opportunity to learn at the elbow of a true 3D Master in a small class setting as he shares his vast knowledge of Strata and 3D graphics.

The Advanced Course is three full days of hands-on training, emphasizing the new SDS modeler, and utilizing the Lightdome and High Dynamic Range Images to create amazingly realistic renderings. Learn sophisticated techniques for efficiently building complex 3D models, harness the creative power of light and shadow, and unlock the secrets of Strata's rendering engines. Space is limited, so don't miss out!

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The results are in for the "Shootout at the Cafe Corral" challenge. They were all great images - but after the dust settled, Dale Schulz was the last cowboy standing. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming challenges.

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One of the breakthrough features in Strata 3D CX is the new Sub-Division Surface (SDS) modeler. SDS allows much quicker and more efficient creation of complex geometry, and lets you more easily make organic-looking 3D shapes.

Chris Tyler shows the basics for using the SDS modeler in this excerpt from his upcoming training course.

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Scott is one of the newest members of the Strata Community and a remarkable illustrator. He has a long list of clients including Modern Bride Magazine and Snapple.

Scott was looking for a smooth way to integrate 3D into his stylistic illustrations and came across Strata 3D CX. Within a week, he was doing just that...

"This is so unbelievable to build my simple backgrounds and send them straight into Illustrator. It works like a dream! I was very impressed and I'm very happy!!!"

We look forward to seeing additional Strata 3D Vector renderings in his Cafe profile. Check out his website for dozens of his stylized illustrations.

View Scott's profile here.

View Scott's website here.

Sometimes inspiration can be found right out your window. This image comes from Strata's own Lex (a.k.a DJLEX on the StrataCafe).

Lex keeps a digital camera handy for grabbing spontaneous shots. Here's a nice 2048x1024 sunset from his front porch.

It's been converted to a CX Background resource for use as a Reflected Environment, Visible Environment, or LightDome.

Download the file here.
Note: 2.2 MB background for Strata 3D CX only.

Visit Lex's Profile here.

If you're looking for more ways to light your 3D scene, check out over 1000 textures and shapes available at the StrataCafe.

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