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Lex, our Strata webmaster, has been hard at work adding new image galleries to our website. You can check out great work from Strata users in categories like Architecture, Commercial Illustration, Technical Illustration, Environmental Design, and Industrial Design.

Of special note for this Bulletin is the Package & Marketing Design gallery. We think you'll enjoy seeing how these professionals use Strata 3D to create, visualize and present packaging designs.

See the new gallery here.

Learn from a true 3D Master! On August 19-21, Chris Tyler will be teaching the Strata 3D ProSkills Course in San Francisco, presented by WestRim Digital Arts. Chris is one of the star instructors of the Red Rock Revival and is known worldwide for his mastery of Strata's renderers and his amazingly photorealistic images.

During this 3-day hands-on course, you'll receive expert instruction and lots of individual attention as Chris teaches the essentials of modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, and FX, and then follows up with upper-level techniques. Now is your chance to learn how to achieve the world-class results that Chris and Strata are famous for!

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Dave Winslow created StrataUser to document how real professionals use Strata 3D every day to build both a clientele and a business. Dave has experience as a professional and an instructor. Check out what Dave's packaged up for you.

And you can too - make a soda can that is. Derek Lofgreen has done it again. This straight forward tutorial shows you how to create a simple soda can and apply the texture. The tutorial includes details on how to position the texture using the cylindrical mapping technique. Master this tutorial and you'll be a beverage king in no time.

See the tutorial here.
A book, much like any other consumer product, must be "packaged" to attract buyers. The latest StrataCafe Challenge is on this very subject and the entries are posted. Check it out and see which book you'd choose.

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"These were the exploratory roughs to hone in on a design approach - this proved to be very critical. Based on these 3D visualization comps, the client was able to make many production decisions that would greatly impact the economics of production. As for me, it makes the development of the packaging effortless and my presentation looked very impressive. Once the model was created, the rest was a piece of cake. Thanks Strata."

You're welcome Carlos!

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Michael Luscombe has done something destined to fail. But you can learn from Michael's mistakes. The "StrataCafe Beer" bottle is complete using layered textures to create the underlying glass and a printed label over that. Michael even provides the basic lathe profile so you can reconstruct it yourself. Not suitable for minors.

Get the model here.

If caffeine and alcohol is too volatile a mix for you then check out more than 1,000 models and textures available at the StrataCafe.

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