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3D Power News | June 24th 2009
Design 3D CX 6: The User Reviews
Users weigh in on Design 3D CX 6, Enfold 3D CX tutorial, Design 3D CX 6 SDS tutorial and more
Image created by Chris Tyler in Strata Design 3D CX 6
Users Weigh-In on Design 3D CX 6

Image by Jean Probert

Jean Probert,
Commercial Illustrator

"The upgrade price is a stunning value. If you've got work to get done, the upgrade could easily pay for itself the first day you have the new app."

Chris Tyler, Designer/Illustrator
"The advances made to the modeler are huge. The new tools and guides system give you a whole new level of control. Now I feel like I can model so much more in Strata Design 3D with much greater ease."

Tim Vojt, Medical Illustrator
"Wow. I was despairing this AM because I resorted to using metaballs for a series of animations and the rendering time for a 720x480 frame was over 2 hours; just not going to work for 4 animations of 181 frames each.

I just loaded CX6 and rendered a test frame and one frame took 3 minutes on the same machine! - Thanks Strata!"

Image by Tom Macie

Tom Macie, preVision Company, Architectural Illustration
"I often work with large models of real estate developments, and the improvements in screen redraw and render speeds alone have enabled me to work more efficiently with larger data sets.  This release gave me headroom precisely when I needed it."

Joe James, L-3 Communications
"I just did something that was totally unthinkable before Strata Design 3D CX 6 - I rendered an image for the Paris Air Show - a display 16 ft wide, by 8 ft tall at 140 dpi!!! In Radiosity no less, WOW!!!"

Image by Greg Glover

Greg Glover,
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

"I just completed an animation project for a client and was able to render the final version using Raydiosity. This made the difference between simply looking good and looking great. Rendering this particular job in Raydiosity would have been a foolish proposition using any previous version, but it was completely doable in Design 3D 6. And my client is thrilled with the results!"

Howard Prince, Architect
"While the rendering speed increase alone for Strata CX6 is well worth the upgrade, the true hidden "nugget" in this release is that we now have individual object control over rendering and lighting effects, such as pixel detail, anti-aliasing, over-sampling, photons, and more!

Long gone are those days of overkill settings for rendering on a global scale, and having to wait forever, just so that portions of a rendering will render as we need it to!"

Image by Britt Griswold

Britt Griswold,
Multimedia Designer, NASA

"Strata's new texturing and rendering tools have laid the foundation for more stunning features, even beyond the impressive gains right out of the box in 6.0 - The future looks great- Bravo Strata!"

Our introductory upgrade price of $149 is set to go up to $189 in the near future. Don't wait to get more productive with your time while saving money on this major upgrade.

Strata Enfold 3D CX: How It's Done
In this video presentation you'll see how you can start with Illustrator artwork, apply cut and fold lines, build a 3D box and use that 3D box to help you in  placing artwork in the proper orientation and position regardless of how many folds and angles are involved.

This project even displays how you can design with special die cuts to create artwork profiles for this point-of-purchase display.

Design 3D and Enfold 3D Bundled - Save $185
You can now get your Design 3D CX 6 upgrade bundled with Enfold 3D CX and save up to $185 in the process. Get your new copy of Enfold 3D CX and upgrade to Design 3D CX 6 for just $699 - that's the regular price for Enfold 3D CX alone.

With the pending increase in the Design 3D CX upgrade price to $189 these two products will cost you $884. Why wait? Now is the time to add these powerful tools to your workflow.

Tutorial: SDS Modeling in Design 3D CX 6
Watch as Chris Tyler shows you how to build this sport bottle starting with Illustrator style splines, moving to polygons and ending up with a completed subdivision surface ready for some glacial spring water.

Techniques include using the powerful new poly modeling tools and guide system for constraining modeling operations.

Case Study: Judging Books by Their Covers
Ed Tuttle and his eklektos design studio were approached by publishing giant Barnes & Noble to press restart on a series of brain-game books. The content was right on target but the covers were missing the mark.

Using the Adobe Creative Suite and Strata Design 3D CX, Ed was able to solve the design puzzle and hit a bulls-eye for the client.

Resource: Chris Tyler Multi-Layered Fresnel Glass
Use this combination of textures to get an amazingly realistic glass effect.

The download includes: a small pdf presentation showing you how to set up the textures; the three textures Chris uses to set this up, and a sample model all set up for you to play with. Requires Design 3D CX 6.
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"...feels like an Adobe application - graphic designers will feel right at home... The traditional look (of Strata Design 3D CX) makes the program friendly to new users."
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