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Three Strata users have been advancing space exploration through 3D imaging and visualization.

At NASA, Britt Griswold helps to probe the ancient past by visualizing the microwave energy of the universe. At Space Imaging, Anthony Dunnigan uses Strata 3Dpro to view the present by looking inward at earth. At Nexterra Inc., Dane Spangler examines the future of what a manned mission to mars might be like.

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NASA - The Past
Britt Griswold serves as the Project Artist for the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), a NASA spacecraft science mission to map the microwave background radiation of the universe (remnants of the Big Bang).

See Britt's work here:
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Space Imaging - The Present
Anthony Dunnigan is the Sr. Designer at Space Imaging, the owners and operators of the IKONOS satellite, which gathers very high resolution imagery of the earth. Some of Anthony's work has appeared on NBC's Dateline and CNN. Anthony uses Strata 3Dpro to combine grey-scale height data with high resolution images to produce accurate terrain models.

See Anthony's work here:
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Nexterra - The Future
Dane Spangler created ExploreMarsNow to present plausible concepts for near future Mars missions drawing upon the depth of knowledge from experts around the world. Visitors can explore the Mars Base Habitat and Rover in full 3D imagery. Dane's work recently won the Webby Award from the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences and the Sci/Tech Web Award from Scientific American.

See Dane's work here:

There's still room to attend the Strata 3D ProSkills Course on 26 and 27 June, in Chicago, presented by WestRim Digital Arts and taught by Christian Moore, one of the star instructors at the Red Rock Revival.

The ProSkills curriculum is designed to quickly bring beginning thru intermediate Strata users up to production-level skills. During this two-day hands-on course, you'll receive expert instruction to teach the essentials of modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, and FX in Strata 3Dpro, followed by upper-level techniques.

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There's a new challenge up at StrataCafe - "Judge a book by it's cover". Books are often so inspiring and emotional that it's hard not to have an image in your head of what the characters and scenery from the book looks like. Create a cover for your favorite book that reflects what you saw when you were reading it.

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As a conceptual artist for NASA and other aerospace firms, Pat Rawlings combines his traditional art skills with 3D to create an 'other-worldly effect'.

In this article, Pat shows tips and techniques for his amazing digital paintings.

View the PDF here.

At only 16 years of age, Nathan shows amazing talent.

His obvious love of science fiction - and particularly Star Trek - shines through in his portfolio of 95 images on StrataCafe. I'm sure you'll be impressed too.

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Yves Boudreault provides this classic space explorer for your own collection. Complete and fully detailed, Yves gets you ready to launch your own space mission in Strata 3D.

Get the model here.

If a "retro-rocket" isn't what you're looking for then check out more than 1,000 models and textures available at the StrataCafe.

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Creating a realistic Martian home is a little more tricky than it may seem. Let Derek help you on your journey to the red planet. See the tutorial at:

See the tutorial here.

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