We're shipping both Windows and Mac OS X versions of CX. Just about all the back-orders have been cleared out so now is an excellent time to get your copy.

Order before July 31st and get the Strata 3D Vector plug-in included in your order. A $139 value.

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Red Rock was better than ever. The instructors were amazing, the setting was beautiful, old friendships were renewed and new friends were made. As they say - if you missed it, you missed it!
Just some of the highlights were Chris Tyler's class on Polyspline SDS modeling, Jean Probert showing how to get the most out of Illustrator and Strata 3D CX and Dave Winslow demonstrating how to model using hierarchy.

Also popular were Duncan MacGruer's class on bringing art to your 3D work, Michael Luscombe's web connection seminar, Christian Moore's 3D essentials and Rodrigo Duarte's "Getting to Wow".

Special thanks go to Colin Smith, noted author for McGraw Hill Osborn and owner of PhotoshopCafe.com, for showing the inside tricks on using Photoshop CS with Strata 3D CX.

Also, thanks to Michael Tompert and Jim Preston for their very interesting presentations. Last, but not least, thanks to Bill Dresselhaus for his lunch time presentation on where design is going and what we can do to take advantage of these trends.
For more information about these excellent instructors and to learn more about their presentations, click here.

Congrats to Derek Wolfe - the winner of the Red Rock challenge. Out of a total of 28 excellent entries and 13 individual winners, Derek walked away with the grand prize - or is that flew away?

Derek's image graced all of the Red Rock materials and Derek himself was treated to a trip to Zion Canyon for this year's event.

To see Derek's image and all the other entries, click here.

Here's your chance to learn all the capabilities of the the new Strata 3D CX version! WestRim Digital Arts will conduct the Strata 3D ProSkills Course in Toronto, Canada, on 28-30 July.

You'll be learning from the famous Michael Luscombe, founder of StrataCafe, featured Instructor at the Red Rock Revival, and one of the top Strata-powered digital artists.

During this 3-day hands-on course, you'll receive expert instruction and lots of individual attention as Michael teaches the essentials of modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, explains the new features of Strata 3D CX, and follows up with upper-level techniques. Now is your chance to learn how to achieve the world-class results that Michael and Strata are famous for!

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Leif Buckley is a professional multimedia designer and veteran Strata user, with years of experience in 3D modeling, animation, graphic arts, video and multimedia/web development, package design and project management.

He is also an ardent member of the Strata Community and is well-known to the many users he has helped over the years.

View Leif's profile here.

View Leif's website here.

New to CX is the Polyspline SDS (subdivision surface) modeler. In this quick tutorial, Derek Lofgreen shows you how to lathe a Bezier curve, convert it to a polygon object and SDS model from there. He shows just how easy it is to add a handle to an object with the modeler. Where you go from there is up to you!

View the tutorial here.

Strata 3D CX now supports HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images). The benefit of HDRI is they contain more data (64 bit) and can be used with the new Lightdomes to create extremely realistic lighting in Raydiosity, higher quality texture maps, more realistic reflections, etc.

Christian Bauer from Austria has provided a great HDRI image of the Vienna Parliament. This HDRI is high resolution (2048x1024) and works very well as a Lightdome, visible or reflected background.

Download file here.
Note: 5.6 MB background for Strata 3D CX only.

There's always one great story to come out of Red Rock. This year Carlos Vega topped them all with his adventure.

You see, Carlos is well aware that its illegal to camp on Angels Landing or to fly a helicopter in Zion Canyon - so he decided to take matters into his own hands - or is that knee?

Carlos hiked to one of the highest peaks in Zion, "sprained" his knee, spent the night up on the rock pinnacle and got a helicopter ride out the next day.

As he dangled from the stretcher he was heard to yell "yah-hoo!!" all the way down. Some guys will do anything.

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