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The R&D department has been working hard to bring more than just a port of the Mac version of 3.8 to market. This release, version 3.8.2, provides even more speed, stability and power than any previous version of Strata 3Dpro.

Of course, 3.8.2 for Windows offers all the great features that Mac users have enjoyed in this version too. Features like Photons, Deformation Lattices with up to 1,000 subdivisions, Raydiosity with Stochastic Sampling and more.

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Red Rock Revival 2003 proved to be another great adventure in learning and creativity, as Strata users, instructors, and artists from around the U.S. as well as Chile, Mexico and Canada convened at this world-famous Strata user conference in beautiful Zion Canyon, Utah.

Two-time Red Rock veteran, Britt Griswold, calls Red Rock "...a really great event! I was very pleased with all the classes I attended, really enjoyed the Media Night, and made it all the way to the top of Angel's Landing in record time! I encourage users of Strata 3D to come to the Red Rock Revival."

Its a shame if you missed it this year, but you can visit to see some great photographs of the people and the event, see more comments and read a report on the proceedings. Be sure to come next year!

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Did you miss the Revival but need the instruction to go to the next level? Attend the Strata 3D ProSkills Course on 26 and 27 June, in Chicago, presented by WestRim Digital Arts and taught by Christian Moore, one of the star instructors at the Red Rock Revival.

The ProSkills curriculum is designed to quickly bring beginning through intermediate Strata users up to production-level skills. During this two-day hands-on course, you'll receive expert instruction to teach the essentials of modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, and FX in Strata 3Dpro, followed by upper-level techniques.

Bring your own projects from work, receive personalized consultations from Christian and soak up his vast knowledge and experience.

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Here's a new FREE tutorial by Christian Moore, showing how to model and animate using the power of Strata's shape hierarchy structure. Using shapes in Strata 3D is one of the most effective ways to streamline your workflow and efficiently achieve the results you want. Learn from a master of "smart modeling", and get this slick tutorial from one of Christian's seminars at the Red Rock Revival.

In this 9-page PDF document, Christian walks you through the process of creating a short animation of a mechanical device. The tutorial is ready to print, and is a great example of the valuable techniques and skills that are presented to conference attendees at the Red Rock Revival.

Get the PDF here.
For those of you who attended Red Rock and lost your room key (you know who you are), here's a StrataUser tutorial to help you quickly create photo realistic key models using a simple scan, Adobe Illustrator and Strata 3D.

Get the key to this universal technique. Read this in-depth article available as a PDF.

View the PDF here.

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Featured Artist

Another fantastic Red Rock instructor, Jean Probert is a professional illustrator with 21 years of experience in graphic communications and commercial illustration. Both this year and last year's Revival's, she taught highly popular sessions on Strata 3Dpro modeling techniques.

Jean has a unique approach to 3D creation that blends influences from traditional media and the digital arts, and is popular with some big-name clients.

Check out Jean's work.

Featured Resource
In one of the most detailed presentations at Red Rock, Chris Tyler showed how to create this complex ring using Wings 3D, how to import the data into Strata 3Dpro and then how to render it using Raydiosity.

The resulting images were so realistic you would swear they were photos - if you didn't just see them created before your eyes.

The full tutorial will be made available in the future. For now, you can get the model and do your own experimenting.

Check out the image here.

Get the model here.

See more than 1,000 models and textures available at the StrataCafe.

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Featured Artist

Strata 3Dpro has found itself in the review pages of two respected publications in the last few weeks.

ComplxMinds did a multi-page, in-depth review and concluded with " can see that I am quite impressed with Strata 3Dpro 3.8."

ComplxMinds Review

Mac Design magazine reviewed 3.8 and gave it a strong 4 out of 5 rating. Isn't it time you gave your own look?

Mac Design Review

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