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3D Power News | April 15th 2008
It's That Time Again
Part industrial design, part fun, check out the new StrataCafe challenge
Image created by Howard Prince in Strata 3D CX
It's That Time Again
It's been a while since we ran a StrataCafe challenge, but it looks like it's that time again. I thought I would start things back up again with something simple. It's partially industrial design, but mostly just fun.

The challenge is to design a watch that may belong to a famous person or character. What might Iron Man's watch look like? Or the Hulk's? Or Hillary Clinton's =)
Online Training Seminars
We're currently prepping material for the Spring/Summer Seminar Series, but in the meantime, make sure you catch all the great material that Chris Tyler put together for our Winter Seminar Series.

Just because you're not free on the day of the seminar doesn't mean that you have to miss out.
Take 35% off "The Art & Science" of Strata 3D CX
Take part in our simple user survey for 35% off Chris Tyler's "Art & Science of Strata 3D CX", with 125 more pages on modeling, rendering and texturing in Strata 3D CX.
New Strata Training Class In Vegas
Strata is currently planning a 3-day training seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada on Strata's new Photoshop-ready products: Strata 3D CX 5.5, Strata Design 3D[in], Strata Foto 3D[in] and Strata Live 3D[in].

If you'd like to know more about when this class will be held, sign up for email updates on our site.
House Garage Background, by Stephen Paterson
Stephen Paterson has been delivering some rocking seamless backgrounds in the StrataCafe resources lately. After you download this one, check out the StrataCafe resources for hundreds of models and textures for your projects.

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