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3D Power News | February 24th 2009
3D Packaging Meets Walgreens
Walgreens Case Study, Strata's Stimulus Package, Texturepaint and more.
Jeff Rodriguez Helps Walgreens Picture Profits
Picture yourself in this professional challenge: match a well established national retailer with an overseas digital camera supplier and make it work for the everyday consumer.

3D designer Jeff Rodriguez and sourcing firm Atico International were asked by Walgreens company to help them with a low cost, impulse purchase digital camera. In this case study you'll see how Jeff approached the project, how he took advantage of 3D to improve client communication and design workflow, and was able to provide a solution that met with success.
Only $30 Down Gets You the Power to Offer More
We know times are tough. Money is tight. You need to offer compelling reasons for clients to spend money with you. But it takes money to buy new technology. At least it used to.

We're proud to announce the Strata Stimulus Plan. Buy the Strata CX Suite or any member product (Strata 3D CX, Strata Foto 3D and Strata Live 3D) for only $30 down and monthly payments as low as $69.95.

Get the latest in 3D power and start making money before you have to pay for it! It's the Strata Stimulus Plan and we think it's just what the doctor ordered.

Complete the Suite for $30 Down - Web 3D & Capture
Talk about offering more - the time is perfect to offer your clients the visual impact and selling power of real-time web 3D with Strata Live 3D. And capturing client products for online display is as easy as using your digital camera with Strata Foto 3D.

If you're a Strata 3D CX owner you can "Complete the Suite" today for only $30 down and easy payments over seven months. Get the power of these products in your hands today so you can start offering your clients new services tomorrow.
Paint on 3D Objects - Get Strata 3D CX 5.6
If you have Photoshop CS4 Extended - or you're even thinking of upgrading - you have to get Strata 3D CX 5.6. This very cool upgrade gives you the power to link back and forth with Photoshop to interactively paint on 3D objects and then send those textures back to your Strata project.

The painting power even includes the ability to paint into transparency, reflection and bump channels.

If you own any version of Strata 3D - even old licenses of StudioPro or Vision - check out this link for the killer upgrade price to get this power into your hands today.
Featured Resource - Tools by Emanuel Brito
The featured resource this time around is a set of common tools by Emanuel Brito. Perfect for any garage or toolshed scene, or if you have some virtual Ikea furniture to put together.

Remember that the StrataCafe resources contains all the tools you need to create great images and animations. If you don't see what you need, create it and add it =)
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Digital Arts considers Strata Design 3D[in] a Best Buy »

"Design[in]'s subtools offer impressive roundtrip capability: you can send a 3D model from Photoshop to Design 3D[in], add textures and send the model back. This integration sets Strata's tools above the rest of the applications on test."
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