Derek LogreenWestRim Digital Arts brings its highly popular Strata classes to the Denver, Colorado area. Derek Lofgreen, expert 3D Designer, creator of the Simply Strata website and author of great tutorials, will teach the ProSkills Course on 8, 9 and 10 March. This is a hands-on course, with computers provided for each student, taught by one of the legends of the Strata world.

The 3-day ProSkills curriculum brings beginning-to-intermediate users up to professional skills. Hands-on training is the best way to quickly become productive and magnify your creative powers using the many features of Strata 3D CX. Learn all the fundamentals plus the most efficient techniques for modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and animation. WestRim courses are taught in a small-class setting, and each student will receive plenty of personal attention from an outstanding instructor.

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John Van Straalen has over 30 years experience as an illustrator, successfully making the transition from traditional studio to a Mac-based workflow.

"When I was a teen I wanted to be an architect because I loved to build stuff. I became an illustrator rather than an architect, but still love to build stuff. When computers really took off, 3D was a natural outlet for the craftsman in me. Strata Studio Pro was the killer app on Macs and I've been hooked since day one."

"Computers changed the ad industry radically, but the need to work efficiently still remains the same. Strata makes my work much easier. I utilize Strata 3D renderings whenever the situation allows and it can make all the difference."

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2001 Calling

The latest StrataCafe challenge has come to a close, and first place this time out was Robert Backman, with his keenly modeled flip-phone. Mark Dhand and Dale Schulz took second and third place, respectively.

Ton Magielsen has graciously uploaded his stunning Star Cruiser model to the StrataCafe resources.

Download Model - 3 mb
Note: For CX 4.2 Only

If you still need to reach the stars, head to the resources section at the Cafe for over 1300 other models and textures.

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