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3D Power News | February 11th 2010
Enfold 3D gets 5 Stars - and a Price Drop?
Strata celebrates by offering Enfold 3D CX for just $485 for this week only
Kodak packaging by Christian Moore
Layers: Enfold 3D is "...a must have for designers."

So why is Strata dropping the price to 70% of normal? To celebrate of course.

For this week only Strata is offering Enfold 3D CX for just $485 - that's a 30% discount from the normal retail price of $695. But when it's over - it's over.

Bruce Bicknell at Layers Magazine did a complete review of Enfold 3D, and...

...according to Bruce, Strata Enfold 3D CX is "...extremely intuitive..." and "...makes the design process much easier - not to mention faster." Bruce summarized the review this way:

This is one awesome program: It moves a cumbersome process to a more streamlined creative process that allows the designer to see results quickly. Strata Enfold 3D CX saves you time and its feature set is a must-have for designers who want to increase their productivity when it comes to creating folded designs.

Don't have Enfold 3D CX yet? If it can make you more effective and efficient then why wait? And with this special offer the time is clearly NOW to pick up this important tool.

Strata Power User Training - Without Leaving Home

Get 2010 Going Right - Strata Power User Training Live Online

Join Chris Tyler and Jean Probert for a live online training class as they teach you how to get the most out of your Strata 3D tools.

Fundamentals of Design 3D with Chris Tyler

Tuesday, February 25th and March 2nd, expert Strata user, professional illustrator and designer Chris Tyler will show you how to get up and running with Design 3D CX and maximize your creativity. For new to intermediate users, you'll get the most out of Strata Design 3D by learning about fundamental 3D subjects like object creation, active grids, scene organization, object translation (rotation, scaling, etc.) and other important basics. This instruction includes a beginning look at polygon modeling/subdivision surfaces and an introduction to rendering and materials.

The Strata/Adobe Design Connection with Jean Probert

Tuesday, March 11th, professional illustrator and designer Jean Probert will show you how to maximize the connection between your Adobe tools and your Strata 3D tools. Jean will show you how to utilize Illustrator to start your 3D projects using both Strata Design 3D and Strata Enfold 3D. Jean will also review Photoshop techniques that will make you much more productive and leave more time for creativity.

Don't miss your chance to get this expert training at an affordable price.

Design 3D Gets a Thumbs Up from

Strata Recently Got Another Great Review:

Albert Kiefer, professional designer located in the Netherlands, and did a comprehensive, seven page review of Strata Design 3D CX 6 and liked what they saw.

Now with Design 3D CX 6 they have focused their direction even more to the ever growing need of designers who are fluent with 2D packages but are searching for a way to show and communicate their work and their clients' work in the third dimension. And it looks like Strata Design 3D CX 6 is just the package that will cater to this group of artists.

Strata has gone to great lengths to bridge the gap that designers feel when they come from their familiar environments like Photoshop and Illustrator and try to extend or enhance their power to the third dimension.

The review covers much, much more - but the bottom line is Albert and VizWorld think that Strata Design 3D CX 6 is the ideal product for creative professionals using Adobe tools. We know you will too.

Studio Fun House Packages Fun

Reynir Hauksson and his Studio Fun House, Inc. design firm have an impressive portfolio of clients and projects.

We particularly like his use of Strata tools to produce winning packaging design projects.

Check out his complete portfolio and see why Reynir thinks work is fun.

"This could be the Adobe-devoted designer's must-have modeler... Seamless integration with Photoshop, user interface familiar to Adobe users, robust, stable and mature."

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