Strata has broken the education price barrier with a Photoshop/Strata learning combo that takes designers into the third dimension on a budget.

The "Surreal 3D/Real 3D" bundle includes Colin Smith's PhotoshopCafe Live! training CD and Strata 3Dplus - both for less than the suggested retail price of the training CD alone! At just $49.95 designers can't miss with this foray into the deep.

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On 25, 26 and 27 February, 2004, WestRim Digital Arts will hold the highly popular Strata 3D ProSkills Course in exciting Las Vegas! The course will be taught by one of the legends of the Strata user community, Chris Tyler. Chris has a worldwide reputation for his mastery of Strata 3Dpro and for producing amazingly photo-realistic images. This is your chance to learn from a true Master of the 3D artform.

As in all WestRim hands-on classes, instruction will be in a small-group setting with individual attention from a gifted digital artist and expert Strata user.

Computers are provided for each student, and the course will be taught using the latest version of Strata 3Dpro. The ProSkills curriculum is designed to quickly bring beginning-to-intermediate users up to production-level skills.

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Derek Lofgreen continues his love of 3D and teaching using Derek has now added a DVD tutorial that discusses some of the basics of getting started in Strata 3D and how to take those skills to the next level.

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In honor of the recent landings of the Mars rovers, we thought it would be appropriate to "revisit" SimplyStrata's Mars tutorial. First we'll start the trip with their Realistic Earth tutorial.

View the Earth tutorial here.

Next stop Mars with - you guessed it - the Realistic Mars tutorial. Start your trip today.

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There's no better way to learn than by doing - but "doing" in just 2 hours?
A group of users got together on the StrataCafe forums and threw down the gauntlet: Create a "Stuffed Animal" and complete the project - start to finish - in just two hours.

Here are the results:

Chriz has been involved in educational publishing in Hong Kong for many years. Several years ago he discovered that using characters was a key to attracting and keeping the attention of a young audience - and that Strata 3D was the ideal tool to achieve this.

Since then Chriz has had tremendous success publishing education materials that feature his whimsical 3D friends and helping to teach the young people of his region.

View Chriz's Gallery.

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If there was ever a game you could learn from then chess would have to be it. Combine that fact with the work done on this model by Carlo Pavoni and you've got a real learning experience.

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But there's more to life than playing games - there's cars, plants, toys -
more than 1,000 textures and models at StrataCafe.

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