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...get better at what I do best

I'm good - I'm a pro - but I can get even better. In 2010 I can learn to use my tools more efficiently by taking advantage of Strata's newest training resources:

  • Chris Tyler's 30+ hours of DVD training
  • Chris Tyler's live online training classes
  • Jean Probert's live online training classes

In 2010 I'll learn the techniques and tricks that will make me more efficient and effective. This will be an investment of my time and money that will pay for itself many times over.

...get more exposure

I need to get out there more. One way to do that is to enter design contests and let the world see my best work.

EskoArtwork has an excellent opportunity that I can get involved in right now - and I can potentially win up to 5000 Euros.

...learn an entirely new skill

This year I'm going to learn to leverage Strata Design 3D by taking advantage of the special sidegrade offer. With Foto 3D I can capture actual objects as 3D models. With Enfold 3D I can build packaging directly in Adobe Illustrator. With Live 3D I can present my projects to clients as 3D web pages and as 3D PDFs.

Now is the best time for me to add them to my workflow with Strata's January sidegrade offers.

...connect my 2D workflow to my 3D workflow

I vow to stop multiplying my work by building once in Photoshop or Illustrator and then rebuilding in 3D for client presentations. With Strata's Enfold 3D and Design 3D I can directly link my 3D presentations to my 2D tools.

In 2010 I'll learn how to use Enfold 3D to expand Illustrator into a 3D tool and I'll learn how to connect Design 3D to Photoshop.

...connect with a community of designers and 3D professionals

Online communities can take time and effort to participate in - but in 2010 I'll I'm going to dive in and it's going to pay off.

I'll post images and get feedback from professional designers. I'll post questions to the forums and learn new approaches to solving problems.

In short, I'll get social and advance my career.

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