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3D Power News | January 25th 2011
Introducing the Strata 3D University for CX
The CX University Launch, Facebook and Twitter giveaway, New Year Sale, Kip Kubisz and more.
Chris Tyler teaches you how to model this modern bar stool on the Strata 3D University
Strata 3D CX University Launch

The Strata University goes live today for Strata Design 3D CX users, with an unbelievable selection of beginner through advanced training in modeling, rendering, texturing, lighting, animation and more. With an initial trial price of just 99 cents for your first two weeks, it's easily our best offering and one that is certain to take your skills to a new level. If you like what you see, you can continue your subscription for unlimited access to our Strata Design 3D training for just $14.95 per month.

Follow Us on Facebook or Twitter for a Monthly Strata 3D CX Subscription Giveaway

Each month we will give away a free month of Strata 3D University training to one of our Facebook or Twitter followers. If you are already a Strata 3D University subscriber, you will receive a credit against your monthly payment if you are the lucky winner. You have nothing to lose, so let's be friends!

New Year Sale - Last Chance!

At some point in time, we all stop saying "Happy New Year". We're not sure exactly what the rule is on this and couldn't find any solid information, so we've decided that the New Year can last up to 4 weeks before once again becoming the current year. This means that you have only one week left to Save 25% on any Strata software purchase using Coupon Code: NEWYEAR. Hurry! The New Year Sale ends on January 31.

StrataCafé Highlight - Kip Kubisz

Artist Kip Kubisz has been posting some really amazing work in the Strata Cafe. Kip is a freelance graphic artist & illustrator specializing in automotive and technical illustration. His futuristic concept vehicles, scenes and videos are top notch. Check them out here and while you're at the Strata Cafe, sign up and join the community if you're not already a member.

Strata Releases the Design 3D CX 6.2 Update.

The latest update to Strata Design 3D CX is here and it's free for our current Version 6 customers. Highlights include multiple enhancements to files exported to the Live 3D CX XMM format.

Strata Design 3D CX Pro Skills Course

February 23-25th, 2011 Chicago, IL. Christian Moore will be conducting a 3-day hands-on course covering the entire spectrum of skills required to become a proficient 3D designer. Christian has been using Strata 3D for more than 20 years and has been teaching it for more than 13 of those years. If you are interested in learning more about this course, visit

Become a Strata Affiliate

Do you run a design related site or blog, or have an audience that's interested in the cutting edge of interactive or graphic design? Strata's affiliate program can help supplement your income in exchange for helping us get the word out about our products. For every referral that results in a sale, you receive 15% of that sale. Interested?

"This could be the Adobe-devoted designer's must-have modeler... Seamless integration with Photoshop, user interface familiar to Adobe users, robust, stable and mature."

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