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Strata is pleased to announce that the public beta of Strata 3D CX 5.1 has been completed successfully. Subjected to public scrutiny and bug submission, this is the most stable release of CX 5 to date. CX 5.1 is a universal binary, meaning that it runs natively on PPC or Mac Intel processors, for the best possible performance on either system.

As promised, Strata Foto 3D is making its way to the Mac. Our beta testing of Foto 3D Mac is in full swing. If you've purchased a cross platform suite in the last month or so, and would like to be included on the beta list, send your name and email address to Brian Lawson. You'll receive details shortly on how to access the beta list, download the application, and submit reports.

In the first part of the Foto 3D series, Lex de Azevedo shows how to setup a photo shoot for ideal lighting and easy masking in Foto 3D.

Take part in our simple user survey for a 35% discount on Chris Tyler's new "Art & Science of Strata 3D CX", with 125 more pages on modeling, rendering and texturing in Strata 3D.

Now that the winter season is upon us, make sure you keep your Strata scenes toasty with this Warmington Studio Fireplace from Adrian Lamb.

If that doesn't quite fit the bill, remember that the StrataCafe contains hundreds of ready-made objects for your Strata scenes.

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