Challenge yourself to be a better designer in 2006. Christian Moore offers to help with the most comprehensive training resource on the market for beginning-to-intermediate users.

The three-disc set features over 260 minutes of instruction in an engaging video format. Christian takes beginning-to-intermediate users through the fundamentals of the interface, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering and more.

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Christian Moore is a master in 3D design and multimedia development, a longtime expert user of Strata 3D software, as well as a professional instructor. He uses Strata on a daily basis to create eye-grabbing 3D illustrations and animations for high profile clients who seek him out for his talent and creativity.

The Essentials of Strata 3D

Essentials + Strata 3D CX Mac Bundle

Essentials + Strata 3D CX Windows Bundle

Duncan MacGruer will be teaching a Strata 3D ProSkills Course in Atlanta, GA on January 25-27.

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Ekarat is a 15 year veteran of the advertising industry, first as an employee, and currently as an entrepreneur in Bangkok, Thailand.

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This month's challenge is a reprisal of the 2001 challenge on the same topic. (View The 2001 Challenge)

It's been five years, and both Strata 3D and cellphones have both come a long way in that time. Let's see how far we've come and take another crack at it. Model, texture and render a cellphone, real or imagined.

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As a bonus, Ekarat has graciously provided several textures that he uses to create his gritty and realistic worlds.
Download - 4.9 mb

Download - 4.6 mb

Download - 2.1 mb

Oil Drum
Download - 4.4 mb

Panels 1
Download - 1.8 mb

Panels 2
Download - 540 kb

Panels 3
Download - 724 kb

You can access thousands of 3D resources at the StrataCafe.

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