3D Power News | January 9th 2008
Make 2008 Your Most Productive Year
New year's resolutions to take your work to the next level in 2008
Image by Patrick Wharram
1. Get the latest tools
Critics and users agree, Photoshop CS3 and the 3D[in] plugins (for occasional users) or Strata 3D CX 5.5 (for 3D professionals) is an unbeatable combination. Adobe laid out the red carpet for us with 3D support, and we brought the stars to the party with CS3 support in our flagship 3D application and 3D plug-ins.

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2. Get up to speed on CS3
3DLayer.com has been rocking with regular video tutorials on using Strata and Adobe tools together by industry veteren trainers Dave Cross and Colin Smith.

Expect even more quality tutorials and the addition of a regular design blog early in 2008. If you haven't bookmarked 3dlayer.com yet, now would be a good time.

NAPP has been a great resource for Photoshop users for a number of years. Top notch training by top notch Photoshop professionals, coupled with a great magazine, an online reference system, and discounts on Photoshop plug-ins and partner apps (including Strata's) make for an invaluable resource.
3. Get up to speed on Strata 3D CX 5.5
Chris Tyler's "Art and Science of Strata 3D" has been the belle of the ball for Strata training materials. If you haven't picked it up yet, you'll wish you had.

Art & Science isn't the only show in town for CX training, though. Derek Lofgreen offers regular training via his website and DVD combo, and Luc Andriens has a new video tutorial site up and running under StrataTutorials.com. Look for Strata's training options to expand in the new year.

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4. Some things grow when you give them away
Knowledge and expertise are two of those things. When the StrataCafe forums are hopping, tips, tricks and shortcuts fly around like snowballs. Sharing knowledge raises the bar for every artist, and encourages other artists to give back as well.

Don't hide your talent, share it and grow as an artist. Join the Cafe forums and help make it the best place for Strata users to grow as artists.
5. Get more from your work
Spending the time to create compelling content that only ends up in print or as a static image on the web is so 2007. This is the year to take your 3D work and let the world explore it in a new and interactive way.

Whether you use the Strata Live 3D[in] plug-in or the high powered Strata Live 3D application, your work can come alive on the web or in a PDF.

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